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Ashley Industrial Molding History

Here at Ashley, we believe our history is an essential piece of who we are!
Join us on a trip through our storied history!


With our footprint in Ashley, Indiana established in the 1980’s, Ashley Industrial Molding’s story begins in 2001 when a team of key managers of the Ashley facility banded together with a commitment to ensure stable and consistent manufacturing support to our customers and purchased the facility and business… thereby creating Ashley Industrial Molding, Inc. 

Over the years, the AIM team has continued our commitment to our customers, our team members, and our communities as our business and the industry continues to grow and evolve.  


After a successful transition in 2001 and dedication of a great deal of resources to improve the existing Ashley facility; AIM turned its focus on growth.  Resulting from the successes over the first eight years and through shared growth and collaboration with our customers in 2009, the AIM team expand our operations to Oelwein, Iowa. The purchase of the additional facility expanded our Compression Molding capabilities and added thermoforming to the manufacturing solutions we are able to provide our customers… As well as additional value-add and painting capabilities.


In 2011, Ashley Industrial Molding gained a third facility located in Kendallville, Indiana, not too far away from the main facility in Ashley, Ind. The expansion allowed for us to consolidate all of our Reaction Injection Molding operations into one dedicated facility, and reaffirmed AIM’s commitment and faith in the performance of the manufacturing process. The Kendallville facility proved to be such a huge success, that in 2014, an additional paint line was added to the facility in order to accommodate for the growth of AIM’s RIM product lines.


In 2018, Ashley Industrial Molding acquired Paragon Plastics Inc., located in Titusville, Florida. The company is known for using thermoforming technology in order to produce high quality custom-formed plastic parts for the marine, industrial, busing, and aerospace industries. The Paragon Plastics company still operates under the old  Paragon Plastics moniker, but is now owned by Ashley Industrial Molding. 

So... What's Next?

Our future is guided by our ability to support the needs of our customers and the industry. We look forward to adding your chapter to AIM's storied history. Get in touch with us today!