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Quality Assurance of rivnuts using an avk unit

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Mistake Proofing of Secondary Operations
Mistake Proofing of Secondary Operations

Here at Ashley Industrial Molding, Inc., we have a strong team of manufacturing engineers that continually engage in process improvement projects that make us more efficient and improve the quality of our products. By analyzing work flows and defect rates, they develop strategies that deliver measurable improvement to productivity and provide customers with greater value.

Since the potential of an assembly mistake leaving the work area is a not a risk that we wish to take, our engineers developed a computer-driven methodology that takes the variables out of the fastening equation. When installing Rivnuts®, our assembly technicians utilize a smart gun from AVK that counts and controls the torque to ensure proper quantity and tightening for each part processed. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the process network, and the secondary holding fixture, which clamps the parts, will not release it until the proper fastening requirements are met. Although error-proof, we always back up the quality check with a 100% visual inspection.

Having a solid engineering team allows us to leverage operational improvements and transform them into quality enhancing strategies that enable us to meet our customer expectations while keeping costs reasonable.

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Quality Assurance of Rivnuts Highlights

Product Description
Quality Assurance for installation of Rivnuts
Capabilities Applied / Processes
  • Installation
  • Inspection
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
AVK unit (Installation Gun designed for clamping error proofing controls during rivnut installations)
Programming completed by AIM Engineering
Material Used
Rivnuts (vary in sizes as long as it is programmed and fitted appropriately in a dedicated gun)
In process testing/inspection performed
100% Visual inspection for missing or loose Rivnuts
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

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