Value Added Services for Your Industrial Needs

Ashley Industrial Molding offers Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), Thermoforming, Compression Molding, and a variety of assembly and finishing processes. From a services standpoint, we offer our customers soft and hard tool prototyping (rapid or production intent), Class-A painting, robotic or manual bonding, automated or manual multi-axis routing and water-jet processing, assembly, and error-proofing of the product.

 At Ashley Industrial Molding, we understand that your bottom line is important. With our value added services, we aim to help your company or business in any way we can. Whether your products are for agricultural, construction, industrial, forestry, or military uses, we have the right systems in place to provide ancillary components for your molding projects. As a leading molder in the U.S., and growing worldwide, we offer services as varied as our customer’s needs. When the needs of your business change, our value added services are able to change with your business.


Our capabilities for program services at Ashley Industrial Molding have a wide range, including: Engineering, Design, and Development (ED&D) services, advance engineering support, program management, and pre-launch builds with a dedicated program launch team. We also offer our value added services for material traceability reports, FARO scanning and layout capability and services, RFID tracking, and part marking.

Our goal at Ashley Industrial Molding is to provide excellent customer service while providing the highest quality molded products. With cross-functional team management to technical support to customer service, our services are streamlined to ensure your company gets what it needs when it needs it.

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