What is Thermoforming?

Being known primarily as a manufacturer of specialized compression molded products, we enjoy sharing some of the different processes that we use to create products. One of our other core competencies and processes includes vacuum thermoforming; a process that involves heating sheets of material until they become pliable and can then be formed over soft or hard tooling into the desired product. Various substrates (ABS, TPO, HDPE, HMWPE, etc.) can be used in this process depending on the products strength, performance, and other requirements and is an excellent method for creating uniquely designed products with limited B-side features..

AIM’s thermoforming process is a great solution when product volumes do not warrant the cost of hard tooling of other molding processes. With medium and large rotary type vacuum thermoforming cells, AIM is able to provide unique rapid prototyping solutions for panels where cosmetic, display/marketing, and fit-up parts are desired. This process is greatly suited for development products (prior to reaching full production volumes) as well as full production volumes.

Additionally, this process allows for Class-A surfaces to be formed-in during the cycle through the use of korad capped material alleviating the need for post-mold paint; if necessary, thermoforming also offers a wide range of molded in color options to meet specific product needs.

Our Sales and Advance Engineering team can work with you from idea conception, product design, and process evaluation through the development of the best way to ship your product. Contact us to today to find out more about our thermoforming capabilities and services.

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