Indiana Manufacturing Facts

The resurgence of manufacturing in America has certainly helped to stabilize the American economy, and some states have made more of an impact on the turnaround than others. One of the top ten most important states when it comes to manufacturing in the United States is Indiana. The home of Ashley Industrial, Indiana ranks seventh in the United States in terms of total manufacturing jobs. So what other facts about Indiana manufacturing are there that might be interesting?

  • In 2014, Indiana employed 523,200 in the manufacturing sector. This accounted for 17.3% of the nonfarm employment in Indiana. No state in America employed a greater percentage of its residents in the manufacturing field.
  • In 2013, Indiana manufacturers accounted for 30.06% of the state’s total gross state product.
  • The manufacturing output of $95.31 billion accounts for 1% of the world’s total manufacturing output, and would come in as the 18th largest manufacturing output in the world if it was a country.
  • The manufacturing output has rebounded greatly since the recession of 2009, with the 2013 output being 25% more than what it was in 2009.
  • There were 7,282 manufacturing firms aside from Ashley Industrial operating in Indiana in 2012.
  • Chemical products was by far the leading sector, accounting for $27.286 million or 28.6% of Indiana’s manufacturing output. Motor vehicles and parts was second at $15.458 million.
  • Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, based around Fort Wayne, is the top district in the country when it comes to the manufacturers share of district employment. Ashley Industrial is located right in the heart of this district.
  • Manufacturing accounts for $34.93 billion worth of exports from the state of Indiana – which is 98.53% of the total goods exported from Indiana.
  • Manufacturing workers in Indiana average compensation of $70,333 annually, versus $43,709 for all nonfarm businesses.

Indiana will continue to be one of the country’s manufacturing leaders as the economy continues to rebound, and Ashley Industrial will continue to be a major contributor. We are happy to be able to provide residents of our great state with manufacturing employment opportunities, along with quality products.

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