Getting a Quote for the Finest in FRP Products

Fiber-reinforced plastic, commonly abbreviated as “FRP,” is a composite material created out of a polymer matrix that is reinforced with various fibers such as carbon, glass, or basalt, among others. FRPs are used in almost every industry to include agriculture, aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries but are also employed to protect our service personnel in the form of advanced ballistic armor.

Sheet Compression Molding or “SMC” is a process of molding that uses hard tooling that is heated to compress customizable sheets of these fiber-reinforced plastic materials in order to form them into various products for the uses described above. The use of these advanced composites generally provide great advantages over typical metal parts, including much lower weight while still possessing material strength, extraordinary stiffness, greater styling control, and formulations that offer a superlative resistance to heat, corrosion, and wear. This all adds up to both lower finished part costs and the ability to create parts in high volumes on demand.

AIM is proud to claim our position as one of the premiere manufacturers of high quality compression molded parts. With our high tonnage, large platen presses, we are able to manufacture very large parts and provide the opportunity to consolidate multiple panels allowing for more flexibility in styling, continuity of lines, and reduced capital tooling and associated overhead costs. AIM’s smaller and mid-range presses ensure competitive pricing and support for parts of all sizes.

AIM is excited to discuss and entice product line conversion to an FRP material and would like to invite prospective customers to leverage our Advance Engineering group to explore solutions that meet your product needs. Please contact us to request a free quote from Ashley Industrial Molding by simply clicking here. AIM offers numerous in-house services ranging from Thermoforming to Reaction Injection Molding to Compression Molding and various Value Added Services to include Class-A Paint. AIM is always happy to answer any and all questions by simply giving us a call at (260) 587-9155 or you may drop us an email at

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