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Indiana Manufacturing Facts

The resurgence of manufacturing in America has certainly helped to stabilize the American economy, and some states have made more of an impact on the turnaround than others. One of the top ten most important states when it comes to … Continue reading

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Getting a Quote for the Finest in FRP Products

Fiber-reinforced plastic, commonly abbreviated as “FRP,” is a composite material created out of a polymer matrix that is reinforced with various fibers such as carbon, glass, or basalt, among others. FRPs are used in almost every industry to include agriculture, … Continue reading

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Value Added Services for Your Industrial Needs

Ashley Industrial Molding offers Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), Thermoforming, Compression Molding, and a variety of assembly and finishing processes. From a services standpoint, we offer our customers soft and hard tool prototyping (rapid or production intent), Class-A painting, robotic or … Continue reading

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About Us

Providing high quality molded products to customers in a variety of fields, Ashley Industrial Molding provides a team comprised of individuals with over 35 years of experience in the industry as well as new entries into manufacturing which in-turn offers … Continue reading

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What is Thermoforming?

Being known primarily as a manufacturer of specialized compression molded products, we enjoy sharing some of the different processes that we use to create products. One of our other core competencies and processes includes vacuum thermoforming; a process that involves … Continue reading

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U.S. Manufacturing Continues a Period of Growth

As global financial markets continue to fluctuate, the American economy is showing signs of strengthening, driven by manufacturing growth. While September had seen a brief pause in growth, with American manufacturing output dropping by 0.5 percent, the sector has rebounded … Continue reading

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AIM Sheet Compression Molding

We at Ashley Industrial Molding (AIM) are able to provide you high quality, durable, Class A, B, or C compression molded parts; industries that are commonly supported by SMC are construction, military, agricultural, commercial goods, etc. Understanding the broad stroke, … Continue reading

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Did You Know? We Were Featured In Industry Today Magazine

Ashley Industrial Molding (AIM) is a well-known leader in quality custom molded plastic products and assemblies. Now, thanks to a 9-page feature in Industry Today Magazine, we’ve gained even more recognition for our capabilities. In Volume 16, Issue 10 of … Continue reading

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Who We Are and What We Do

As we launch an updated web presence and blog, we’ve decided to formally re-introduce ourselves to our loyal followers and new associates. As a leading manufacturer of quality custom molded parts and assemblies, Ashley Industrial Molding (AIM) has over 30 … Continue reading

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