AIM Sheet Compression Molding

We at Ashley Industrial Molding (AIM) are able to provide you high quality, durable, Class A, B, or C compression molded parts; industries that are commonly supported by SMC are construction, military, agricultural, commercial goods, etc. Understanding the broad stroke, let tell you what SMC can do for you.

Sheet Compression Molding (SMC) is a process of molding that uses heated hard tooling to compress customizable sheets of resin, calcium carbonate, and glass fibers to create fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products. The heating of the tooling supports the flow of the resin and glass while accelerating the curing of the material; the tonnage used ensures the density of the part. Compression molding is a preferred option for higher volume structural and functional parts as a result of the relatively lower piece price, heat resistance properties, durability and strength, and ability to support complex parts with significant geometry and/or B-side features.

AIM’s compression molding presses range from 400 to 4000 tons and currently mold a variety of standard and custom material formulations from bio-resins (soy-based) to vinyl-esters to poly-esters, etc. Our large press resources allow us to support very large parts or consolidate multiple panels where necessary allowing more flexibility for styling, continuity of lines, and reduced capital tooling costs and associated overhead. Our smaller and mid-range presses ensure we are able to remain competitive and support parts of all sizes.

Apart from primary molding operations, AIM also offers numerous secondary and value-added options. Secondary options include: CNC and robotic trimming, routing, and drilling; water-jet trimming and opening; manual and robotic bonding operations, fully-traceable operations (to raw materials); full 2K paint system (prim and top-coat) at all 3 facilities; CMM layout and digital laser scanning services; Engineering, Design, and Development support services; and all 3 facilities are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

To see examples of our work and to learn more, please visit our website.

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