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Providing high quality molded products to customers in a variety of fields, Ashley Industrial Molding provides a team comprised of individuals with over 35 years of experience in the industry as well as new entries into manufacturing which in-turn offers creative ideas and solutions paired with industry expertise and methodology. Based out of Ashley, Indiana, our company was formed in 2001 when 10 key functional managers of the Meridian Automotive Group’s, Ashley, Ind. plant bought the facility and core business segment with a vision of providing high quality products with a partnership centric mindset to effectively serve our core customer markets. Understanding the necessity to improve processes and capabilities, significant time and money was invested in personnel, the existing plant, processing, and equipment. This overhaul proved successful as AIM is now a leading supplier to a variety of industries in the U.S., and rapidly growing our presence worldwide.

In 2009, Ashley Industrial Molding acquired an additional facility located in Oelwein, Iowa. This enabled us to increase our capability to include Thermoforming and add capacity to our Compression Molding, Paint, and Value Added Services. Further expansion of AIM came in 2011 with the addition of another facility in Kendallville, Ind., which consolidated our Reaction Injection Molding operation into a dedicated facility and reinforced AIM’s commitment and faith in the performance of this molding process. Resulting from the growth of AIM’s RIM product lines, in 2014 a new paint line was added to the Kendallville, Ind. facility.

With a commitment to providing customers with high quality products and superior customer service, Ashley Industrial Molding believes in establishing long lasting partnerships with its suppliers and customers. In an effort to effectively provide excellence within the company itself, AIM is dedicated to providing employees with quality training in all areas from operations to customer support to personal development and wellness opportunities.

In addition to striving to be the best in our field, AIM strongly believes in giving back. Our corporate stewardship includes: paid volunteer hours, financial and service investments to community programs, and a dedication to having a positive impact in and enriching the communities of which we are lucky to belong.

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